Beating back right-wing tax lies

We need to continue to beat back right-wing bullshit about raising taxes on the rich.

– It’s not about punishing success.
– It’s not class warfare.
– No, it won’t hurt the economy.
– No, giving tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires will not create jobs when there is no demand or business need for more jobs.

And most importantly:

– We cannot afford to keep the Bush tax cuts, especially for top tax bracket earners, when we have a huge federal deficit.

That last one should stand out for fiscal conservatives who talk about fiscal responsibility and balancing the federal budget, but their unwillingness to take a 10 to 1 deal ($10 of spending cuts for every $1 of tax increases) exposes them for frauds. It’s just about protecting the rich and pissing on the poor. That is the real class warfare. I didn’t know the rich were in such dire straits that they require the services of an entire political party to lobby on their behalf.

Jon Stewart was dead on when he said, “Poor people have shitty lobbyists.”

from The Washington Post:

Stephen Stromberg: Why does Obama want to raise taxes?

Is it because he wants to impoverish the rich?

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