Republicans Are Fiscally Reckless

I know Republicans like to say Democrats are reckless when it comes to the federal budget, but it is in fact Republicans who are reckless.

Outside of governing during the worst recession since the Great Depression, it is Democratic administrations that have shown the most fiscal restraint during the past 30+ years. It is Republicans who have spent while also decreasing taxes with the insane idea that lowering taxes will actually increase tax revenue. There’s no math teacher that will teach that drivel outside of the conservative bubble.

It is only a Democratic administration (Clinton) that managed to balance the budget in modern times. Republicans have no shortage of hot air when it comes to fiscal restraint now that a Democrat is in the White House during the Great Recession, but the GOP has shown us nothing but fiscal irresponsibility over the past three decades when they are in charge.

Now Republicans in the House want to vote to make the Bush tax cuts permanent. Really Republicans? With a massive federal deficit, much of which is a result of reduced tax revenue (not an Obama spending spree), you want to keep taxes at historic lows? Forever?

This is the height of fiscal recklessness. This is the modern Republican Party.



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