AP – Is Libertarianism Gaining Ground In American Politics?

As a liberal I can agree with libertarians on some social issues. Libertarians, at least true libertarians, would not want government telling women what to do with their bodies. Libertarians also tend to see the nonsense that is the war on drugs, particularly when it comes to marijuana. And as a liberal I feel strongly about person freedom and civil liberties, but I also recognize the role that government can play as an extension of the community. If institutions like government aren’t working it’s our job to make them work, not rebel against them. I believe a fundamentalist libertarian worldview is untenable on a hot and crowded planet of 7 billion people.

AP / ABC News – With ‘Freedom’ in Fashion, Is Libertarianism Back?

To begin: This is not a story about Ron Paul.

Not exactly, anyway. And yet to get where we want to go we will start at OPA!, a Greek restaurant on the edge of town where Clark County Republicans and tea party conservatives gathered on Nevada primary night for what looked undeniably like a Ron Paul rally.

In one corner was Cindy Lake, the acting chair of the Clark County Republican Party and a delegate to this summer’s Republican National Convention. A self-described “libertarian Republican constitutional conservative,” Lake became a Paul convert in 2007 after she heard him advocate for something she passionately supports: the freedom to buy raw milk.

Nearby stood Megan Heryet, celebrating her GOP primary victory in a state Assembly race. Heryet, a real estate agent, substitute teacher and mom, is hardly a Paul fanatic. But she did back him in Nevada’s caucuses earlier this year, primarily because she is a big proponent of being free to make decisions such as choosing to give birth to her second child at home instead of a hospital. “It’s about being left alone,” she said.


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