American Jobs Act: Real Jobs For Real People

President Obama proposed the American Jobs Act back in September of last year, a full 10 months ago. This proposed legislation could have put millions of Americans back to work but congress decided doing nothing was a better idea. More specifically, Republicans decided doing nothing was a better idea. There are millions of Americans who could now be working or would be working soon as that money was spent but instead they are on the sidelines, still looking for work and not consuming, only making the economy worse, not better.

It is unconscionable that Republicans in congress have done nothing to get Americans back to work. There are two reasons for their lack of initiative on jobs: 1. Their number one goal is to make President Obama a one-term president even if it means sacrificing millions of jobs. 2. They believe, or at least they want us to believe, the only way to create jobs is to deregulate and give tax breaks to the rich. The question is, do you agree with Republicans? If not, you better not hand Mitt Romney your vote by staying home in November.

Or as Chris Hayes said today on Up with Chris Hayes:

The Republican congress just will not do anything stimulative between now and election day. Just won’t. And that will continue, I think, regardless of the data. The president has proposed the American Jobs Act which I think would add about one to two million jobs depending on the estimates… Those are real numbers, real human beings, with a tremendous amount of emotional distress, anxiety, and a waste of their human capital sitting on the sidelines right now. People that can work not working is a waste, it’s a huge waste.

I couldn’t agree more.



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