What makes healthcare reform a miracle of American democracy

On this independence day, let’s reflect on the marvel that is a nation that managed to pass health care reform over two years ago during a time of incredible political gridlock. I think we sometimes forget how remarkable it is that a congress with a horrible approval rating and endless obstruction managed to pass a bill that overhauls America’s health care system. Everything had to go just right, and it did.

Even after being challenged all the way to the Supreme Court, the Affordable Care Act still stands. No, it’s not a perfect bill. I’m one of those dangerous liberals who thinks we should have true universal health care, paid for by the federal government through taxation. It’s such a horrible socialist idea to care about the plight of fellow Americans.

So on this 4th of July, let’s celebrate a major victory (even if we still have work to do) for all Americans, including the ones who wouldn’t know what’s good for them even if it smacked them in the face.


photo by Kendal Huck


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