A Republican Narrative Dies As The Price Of Gas Keeps Falling

Can you believe that it was only four months ago when Republicans were almost gleeful that gas prices were rising? They knew this was bad for President Obama and good for them. Sure, their public rhetoric was supportive to millions of Americans struggling to pay bills but their collective euphoria of the political implications of rising gas prices in an election year was hardly private.

The Republican narrative four months ago was to blame President Obama for rising gas prices. Nevermind that gas prices were at their all-time high in the final year of George W. Bush’s presidency, that’s ancient history. Well now this bullshit Republican narrative is ancient history as gas prices continue to fall from their late winter / early spring highs. The national average has fallen more than 40 cents in only a few months. In some parts of the country the price of regular is under $3. Barring any international tensions that could increase the price of oil, it looks like the national average could be $3 by election day in November.

For all the rhetoric about gas prices only a few short months ago, Republicans are awfully silent now.


photo by EndlessStudio


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