Republicans Are Against Government Overreach Except When They Aren’t

Christopher Stolle, a Virigina House Delegate and a Republican, says “climate change” and “sea-level rise” are liberal-speak. He says they are “liberal code words” and they have no business being in $138,000 study. The Republican controlled Virginia State Senate only approved the study after “sea-level rise” was replaced with “recurrent flooding.”

See, this is how it works. If scientists and other experts in various professions use language that lawmakers (particularly Republican lawmakers) don’t agree with, these lawmakers simply change the language. It doesn’t matter to these Republicans that it’s government interference or overreach. They don’t like it, so they are going to change it. Experts be damned.

Cases like this make it all the more laughable when Republicans decry government overreach on liberal and Democratic efforts to fix our health care system. Key difference? Liberals and Democrats are actually trying to fix something. Republicans aren’t interested in figuring out what is wrong and fixing it. They prefer the head in the sand approach when reality conflicts with pre-existing narratives.


photo by blakeimeson


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