Big Business Has A Gun To Our Head And Republicans Like It

Republicans say if big business is uncertain about Washington leadership and future tax policy they won’t invest, they won’t create jobs, and in fact, they will take their business overseas.

So we are being held hostage to big business interests.

Big business and their bought politicians have a gun to our collective head, and if they don’t get their way they are going to pull the trigger. Sounds like a great way to run the country, huh?

This is the way it is and this is the way it has to be according to the Republicans who believe we must cater to big business, we must have more money in politics (because money is free speech after all), and in the end we will all prosper together — if only we allow this scenario to proceed to its logical conclusion. This is what you get with Republican leadership. This is what you will get with a Republican in the White House. This is what you will get with Mitt Romney.

The Republican logic on growing the economy is that we are all hostage to big business, so you better get used to it if we elect Mitt Romney as president.


image by Mike Licht

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  • MYMY

    Romney’s remark about the $2 billion/$3 billion loss by JP MorganChase — ‘that’s how business works–they lost, but other people made a lot of money’  — is the clearest example yet of why GOVERNMENT and BUSINESS cannot be run on the same model. Can a government act like dictatorships, the way business can, and just decide that these thousands of people here lose so that a few others can get a windfall? Under the GOP, our government has been acting like that (recall Katrina)–and it is a very ugly thing to see.

    • I could not agree more. Government does not and should not run like a business or like the family budget. It’s wrong to equate these things and as soon as someone does I know they have no idea what they are talking about. Someone might be good at business but that doesn’t mean they would be good running the country.

      To me, a community organizer would have better qualifications to be in a leadership position in government than a CEO since government is an extention of the community and business is not. Of course conservatives are likely to see it as the exact opposite.