The Romney Campaign’s Only Tactic: It’s The Economy Stupid

When President Obama talks about something other than the economy the Romney campaign finds it necessary to accuse the president of trying to deflect attention away from the economy. This is their current tactic and it’s possibly their entire strategy. But will it work? Maybe.

Yes, the economy is a big issue, but the President of the United States has just a few more responsibilities other than the economy. It might be easy for a presidential candidate to focus on only one issue, but the president doesn’t have that luxury. This campaign is about more than just the economy and the presidency itself is definitely about more than the economy, but since Mitt Romney has no credentials to distinguish himself as a more effective leader, he must stay focused on the only issue that might give him a win in November. So you can’t blame the Romney campaign for using this one tactic as their entire strategy, but that doesn’t make it any less ridiculous each time they call out the president for focusing on something other than the economy.


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