New Rule: You Must Complete A Full Term To Retain ‘Governor’ Title — Yes, I’m Talking To You Sarah Palin

It’s common to refer to ex-presidents or ex-governors with the title of President or Governor, but I propose a new rule on the use of such titles. I’m going to borrow Bill Maher’s ‘New Rules’ for just a moment.

New Rule: You must complete at least one full term before you can retain your governing title for life. I’m talking about the title of ‘Governor’, the title of ‘President’ or even the title of ‘Full Of Shit in Chief’. If you want to keep the title you need to finish the job. So if you quit the job of governor in the middle of your first term, you lose the title of ‘Governor’. Yes, I’m talking to you Sarah Palin.

In case you think it’s just other people referring to Sarah Palin as ‘Governor’, here’s a current robocall Palin recorded for Republican Deb Fischer who is running for the Nebraska Senate:

Sorry Sarah, you can’t use the title of ‘Governor’ if you quit the job without serving a complete term.



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