Connecticut Senate Passes Medical Marijuana Legislation

Early Saturday the Connecticut Senate passed a bill that would allow the use of medical marijuana in the state. The measure already passed the state House and now awaits the approval of Governor Dannel Malloy. Malloy has indicated he will sign the bill into the law. If that happens, Connecticut will join the District of Columbia and sixteen other states in the legal use of marijuana for medical purposes.

USA Today – Connecticut passes medical marijuana bill

Under the legislation, marijuana would be sold in multiple forms at dispensaries, which must have a licensed pharmacist on staff. It would be marketed only to patients authorized to use it. The measure also outlines diseases that would be treated by the drug, establishes a registry for patients and caregivers and restricts cultivating the plant to growers with permits.

Alcohol has much more potential than marijuana to cause impairment as well as damage to the human body yet we put people in jail for marijuana use while we talk about presidents we would like to have a beer with. I’m not giving a thumbs up to the use of marijuana for recreational purposes, I’m simply saying people should be allowed to make that decision for themselves. Tax it, regulate it, but stop putting people in jail for it.

All the arguments against legalization of marijuana could be made against alcohol, yet alcohol remains legal, as it should. It’s time that the federal government stopped living in the past and stop spending time and money policing and incarcerating people for the use of marijuana.


photo by Chuck Coker

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  • Steve

    Yay?  That’s just one more state that’s breaking federal law.  If you set up shop selling something the feds still consider illegal they can (and do) come in and shut you down. Obama was asked if he’d consider looking again at the legalization issue recently when he was on Jimmy Fallon and basically said “not any time soon.”  So I guess this is a victory for Republicans – the state governments are going their own way, in spite of what the federal government is telling them to do….

    And alcohol isn’t legal in this country if you’re under 21.  Travel the world and when you come back to the “freedom” of the USA you’ll see how conservative and restrictive we are.  When you’re brought up in this society you’re brainwashed from birth to think things like “alcohol is legal,” or “we’ve got great health care,” or “we have a lot of environmental regulations,” or “there’s a war on drugs/poverty/aids/etc.” when it’s all marketing and propaganda.   

    • It would be nice if we could stop playing this game when we know what is inevitable, but the more states that do this the more pressure on the federal government to change it’s stance.

      • Steve

        True, something is better than nothing.    
        So, it’s like the usual Democracy, only much slower and more expensive.  Nice…