The Right-Wing Extremist Vision For America

I want to start by pointing out that I’m not talking about true conservatives in this article. I’m talking about a growing faction of right-wing extremists that have taken over the Republican Party and who are advocating policies that have no resemblance to conservatism.

These extremists are not conservatives.

These extremists want to roll back the clock to a time before Medicare and Social Security, programs responsible for lifting millions out of poverty and keeping millions more from falling into poverty.

These extremists believe their beloved “free market” is the solution to every problem, except there is no such thing as a free market and so they are, at best, ill-informed, at worst, delusional.

These extremists want to radically change the America that we all have known our entire lives and they believe every progressive and liberal accomplishment during the past century have been failures.

These extremists point to the tens of millions of Americans in poverty as proof that progressive policies and programs (like Medicare and Social Security) have failed. Because they believe this, they want to either do away with these programs, or privatize them (again, because their beloved free market solves all problems).

Nevermind that the solution to fix Medicare is extending it to all Americans and spreading the risk pool beyond the most expensive Americans to insure, senior citizens. Nevermind that Social Security is NOT in fiscal trouble. It’s a right-wing myth that Social Security is doomed to fail. Social Security has been around for over 70 years and will be around for at least another 70 years if we don’t allow the ideologues that want it to fail to get their way.

There is one simple fact that contradicts their rhetoric and I’ll introduce it with a question. What do you think would happen if Medicare, Social Security and programs for the poor ceased to exist tomorrow? The answer is that tens of millions of Americans would fall into poverty and the tens of millions of Americans already in poverty would find themselves in even greater financial distress and many would wind up on the street.

That is the right-wing extremist vision for America.


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  • Craftycri

    Let me pose a question to you:

    If Social Security Medicare, Medicaid is solvent, why would these programs be interrupted if they didn’t raise the debt ceiling? Hmm?

    BTW, you would be interested in today’s show 🙂

    • Guest

      First of all, Social Security is NOT part of the federal budget. It is a separate account from the general fund and has its own source of income, payroll taxes. Raising the debt ceiling has nothing to do with SS.

      To solve the Medicare/Medicaid issues, the easiest solution is to create “Medicare for all”, as this blog states in another post. By extending the risk pool you can bring down health care costs and more efficiently deliver health care (as Medicare is already doing via the ACA). Medicare has administrative costs between 3-4%; private, for-profit insurance companies average 15-20%. Taking profit out of healthcare would solve half the problem at the get go. Insuring everyone means that hospitals/clinics/doctors would not have to charge those with insurance higher costs to cover the costs of treating those without insurance.

      In fact, if you have employer-provided insurance, you’re already participating in a form of “socialized” medicine. Your premiums are put into a general fund, used to pay everyone’s claims, not just yours. So if you pay $8000/yr in premiums but only utilize say, $2000 in check-ups, etc., the remaining $6000 is used to pay CEO bonuses, other peoples claims, and administrative costs.

      Simply put, “free market”, profit-driven principles do not work for healthcare. Healthcare is a basic human right, not a privilege to be lorded over employees by their employers to keep them obedient and dependent.

      • Thank you for clarifying how Social Security works. I’m tired of fiscal “conservatives” lumping Social Security into what ails this country. As you correctly stated, Social Security does not contribute one penny to the national debt and has NOTHING to do with any real or perceived fiscal problems this country has, including the federal budget deficit.

        Something I can’t figure out when it comes to “conservatives” is they talk about government getting in the way of business, but then in the same breath they talk about letting states decide for themselves on a whole range of issues, not the least of which is health care. How is that better for business? It creates MORE bureaucracy, not less. One standard from the federal level would be easier for businesses to deal with, not harder. So, in the case of health care, one standard, “Medicare for all” would be easier to administer. Sure, it means for-profit health care insurance companies will either go out of business or have to focus on other insurance sectors instead, but certainly it would be much more efficient for health care providers as well as employers who no longer have to provide health care insurance to their employees. It gives businesses more time to focus on their core business. And actually, those for-profit health care insurance companies can still sell supplemental coverage for those who choose to pay for that.