Republicans Look Desperate With New Obama ‘Celebrity’ Ads

Do you remember the 2008 John McCain campaign ad that called then candidate Barack Obama the “biggest celebrity in the world?”

If not, you can watch it now:

Talking Points Memo reports that Republicans are partying “Like It’s 2008” with a new effort to question Obama’s experience and readiness to lead as President of the United States. This line of attack might have made sense in 2008 (even though it failed), but it’s really stupid in 2012. That won’t stop Karl Rove’s American Crossroads. They think this line of attack will still work. Take a look at their brand new ad:

And the Republican National Committee is getting in on the action as well:

So will it work? The answer is no. Republicans are desperate to find anything that will deflect from a miserable primary season, a ho-hum presumptive candidate named Mitt, and a thorough lack of substantive ideas on the economy, jobs, climate change, energy and other really big problems. The entire Republican message for how to fix anything is to do nothing (i.e. get government out-of-the-way so the magic market can fix everything for everyone). Republicans have been obstructionists throughout Obama’s first term and they desperately need to deflect from their own failed record by attempting to rehash an old meme from the 2008 campaign season.

Barack Obama has been the president for over three years now. There is a very good reason incumbents usually win re-election, it’s because nobody can run against them touting more experience. There is no better experience for the job of President of the United States then being President of the United States.

So what Republican are doing is recycling a tactic that failed four years ago in the hope it will persuade voters that “President” Obama has less experience for the job of president than Mitt Romney does. Good luck with that. Expectations are low for logic and reason when it comes to the Grand Old Party.


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