The Catholic League’s Campaign Against Jon Stewart

On the April 16, 2012 episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, in a segment mocking Fox News criticism of the phrase “war on women,” Stewart said women should make use of “vagina mangers” for protection. A photo accompanied this segment showing a naked woman with strategically placed manger (see video below). The Catholic League claims this was a “unprecented assault on Christian sensibilities.” This is not to be confused with the unprecedented sexual assaults of minors by Catholic priests, well, because unfortunately those assaults were so numerous they could hardly be called unprecedented.


Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments as follows:

Jon Stewart refused to apologize last night for the unprecedented assault on Christian sensibilities he launched on April 16. In that episode, “The Daily Show” featured a naked woman with her legs spread and a nativity scene ornament placed between her legs; with the picture on the screen, Stewart laughed at what he called the “vagina manger.”


Our effort against Stewart includes asking his most consistent sponsors to pull their advertising (if necessary, we are not ruling out a boycott of their products), and a lengthy public relations campaign. The goal? To get him to apologize. If that doesn’t work, we can guarantee that his reputation will never be the same.


What Jon Stewart did ranks with the most vulgar expression of hate speech ever aired on television. His incivility cannot go unanswered.

Did the Catholic League mobilize this kind of effort against the Catholic priests who molested young children? Well, they do want you to know that 99.98% of priests are innocent of sex abuse. Oh, and the Catholic League claims there is a link between child molestation and homosexuality. But I’m not so sure I would look for my moral and ethical guidance from a group looking to chastise others while endlessly rationalizing corruption and abuse within the Catholic church.


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