Gallup Poll: 47% Americans Say Taxes ‘About Right’, 46% Say ‘Too High’

A new Gallup poll shows less than half of Americans believe their taxes are too high. 47% of Americans say their taxes are “about right” while 46% say their taxes are “too high”, and only 3% believe they aren’t paying enough taxes.

Gallup also asked about the “Fairness of One’s Taxes” and found 59% believe their taxes are fair while 37% believe their taxes are not fair. They found that lower-income adults were more likely to view their taxes as unfair.

Gallup – Less Than Half of Americans Consider Tax Bill Too High

Low-income adults appear to be the least satisfied with what they pay in taxes, as 50% say their taxes are too high; 44% say they are about right or too low. By contrast, Americans earning $75,000 or more are almost evenly divided about their tax bill, and middle-income earners tilt toward being satisfied, with 54% saying their taxes are either about right or too low.


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