Ohio GOP Gov. John Kasich Goes Rogue, Believes Climate Change Is Real

I should not be writing this article because this should not be news. But conservatives have managed to change the public discourse on climate change to the point where it’s shocking to find out a Republican governor actually believes climate change is real. I’m talking about Ohio Governor John Kasich who last week said the following to a GOP fundraiser audience:

This isn’t popular to always say, but I believe there is a problem with climates, climate change in the atmosphere. I believe it. I don’t know how much there is, but I also know the good Lord wants us to be good stewards of his creation. And so, at the end of the day, if we can find these breakthroughs to help us have a cleaner environment, I’m all for it.

This is quite different from Senator James Inhofe’s take on the religious ramifications of climate change. Inhofe’s beliefs run more along the lines of a ‘scorched earth’ stewardship of the planet.

It should be noted that Kasich was talking about climate change in the context of his energy policy, a policy that is quite favorable to dirty fuels like natural gas and coal, although he does support wind, solar and waste heat capture.

Climate change denial is the (un)official position of the Republican Party. Even if Kasich still supports fossil fuels, his acknowledgement of climate change means he has set himself apart from his party. Hopefully he will not be the last Republican to show some courage.


photo by marada

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