Video: How Conservatives Think – Warning: Might Be Too Graphic For Right-Wing Minds

The following video might be just a bit hyperbolic (like the title of this article), but it’s a worthwhile watch anyway, well, at least for liberals.

In this 4+ minute video, Adam Strange dissects conservative thinking, and the result is a stinging indictment of the authoritarian worldview. Conservatives need hierarchy for the world to make sense and it comes at the price of equality for all human beings.

The person who is dragged into a jail cell at the end of the video is Anna Brown, a homeless woman. She was in police custody because she refused to leave a hospital without treatment. The hospital called the police and had her arrested and she later died while in police custody (blood clots that migrated to her lungs). The reason she refused to leave the hospital is painfully obvious in hindsight given her death. Even more shocking was that it was the 3rd hospital that refused to treat her.

This is the part of the video that is both poignant and hyperbolic. We don’t know the political makeup of the people involved in this case. I realize Strange intended to illustrate the authoritarian mindset, but I would like to point out that everyone, including liberals, are capable of bad judgement when it comes to hierarchical thinking and trust of authority figures.



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