Limbaugh Replaced By Smerconish On Philadelphia WPHT Radio

Rush Limbaugh will be leaving a prominent radio station in Philadelphia, WPHT (Talk Radio 1210 AM). Limbaugh’s show will be replaced with The Michael Smerconish Show which currently airs on WPHT during the evening rush-hour (5pm) time slot.

Limbaugh is always in the news, but his show has received increased scrutiny since he called a Georgetown law student, Sandra Fluke, a ‘slut’ back in February, which has resulted in boycotts and over 200 companies pulling their ads from his show. The New York Times Media Decoder blog says the move is not likely related to the boycotts.

It appears Limbaugh will not be off the air for long (if at all) in Philadelphia because his show is to be picked up by WKDN-FM, 106.9, which is based in New Jersey and covers the greater Philadelphia area. The question is whether Limbaugh can keep his audience in Philadelphia, a large market in a key 2012 election battleground state, Pennsylvania.


photo by Gage Skidmore

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