Obama Calls ‘Paul Ryan’ GOP Budget ‘Thinly Veiled Social Darwinism’, But There’s Nothing ‘Veiled’ About It

Speaking at an Associated Press luncheon on Tuesday, President Obama called Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) Republican budget plan “thinly veiled social Darwinism.” The president was referring to the budget’s massive tax cuts for the rich and steep cuts to programs for the poor. The GOP budget is nothing more than trickle-down economic theory, a religion to Republicans. It’s also the same economic theory that has for 30 years failed to produce even a trace of the “trickle down” promised.

A more apt description of Republican economics would be trickle “up”. The rich are doing quite nicely after 30 years of supply side economics, so the Republican budget that recently passed the House should surprise no one. There’s nothing ‘veiled’ about it. Republicans have clearly shown they are uninterested in tackling the deficit, long-term debt, and poverty by passing a budget that contains tax cuts to the segment of the population most able to afford tax increases. The economy is still not producing the output or the jobs necessary to fully recovery from the ‘great recession’ but the wealthy in this country are doing just fine, so no serious proposal to tackle the deficit and the debt would include more tax cuts for the wealthy.

Republicans deny the negative effects their budget will have on tens of millions of Americans in poverty and they say their tax proposals are intended to make the tax system fairer for everyone. These are lies. If they aren’t lies, Republicans are delusional. Although, those two things are not mutually exclusive. So as I said, there is nothing ‘veiled’ about the GOP budget plan. Republicans are sending a message loud and clear: ‘The rich are the productive class and they are the future, so the sooner we can get rid of the poor moochers and leechers the better.’


photo by Speaker John Boehner


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