Use Less Plastic, Get Yourself A Bamboo Keyboard

Help reduce dependence on plastics made from foreign oil and get yourself a keyboard that is 92% bamboo. The iZen Bamboo Keyboard is a hand-made and environmentally friendly portable bluetooth keyboard for your iPad, iPhone, Android and other portable devices.

The product designers are looking to fund their next round of production on Kickstarter. You can make a pledge (as little as $1) to show your support for the iZen Bamboo Keyboard and help them reach their goal. The keyboard normally retails for $99 plus $12.95 shipping but if you pledge $85 you can get the keyboard and save $26.95! That is assuming they reach their goal of $18,000 in pledges. If they don’t reach that goal your credit card will not be charged. To make the process easy you can login with your Facebook account and make your pledge payment via your Amazon account.

They are estimating delivery in June. I just pledged $85 myself. I have no connection with this product. I just think it’s a great idea and thought I would share.



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