Gallup: Top 3 Most And Least Religious States

A new Gallup poll shows Mississippi is the most religious state and Vermont is the least religious state. Eight states in all have higher than 50% of residents classified as “very religious”. It’s not a shock that all of those eight states are southern states except one: Mississippi, Utah, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, South Carolina, Tennessee and North Carolina.

Five states have less than 30% classified as “very religious”: Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Alaska.

Nationwide Gallup classifies 40% as very religious, 32% as non-religious and 28% as moderately religious. They have a great interactive map on their website that color codes the states. With the exception of Utah, all “very religious” states are clumped together in the southern region of the country (excluding Florida as well).

The following are the top 3 most and least religious states. Click a photo to start the full-size slide show.


Top 3 Most Religious States

Most Religious: #1 Mississippi

Most Religious: #2 - Utah

Most Religious: #3 - Alabama


Top 3 Least Religious States

Least Religious: #1 - Vermont

Least Religious: #2 - New Hampshire

Least Religious: #3 - Maine



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