Video: Bad Religion ‘The Resist Stance’ – Reason Rally, Washington D.C. – March 24, 2012

Bad Religion opens their set with ‘The Resist Stance’ at the Reason Rally on Saturday, March 24, 2012 in Washington D.C. I’m not at all pleased with the quality of the videos I shot at the Reason Rally but I think this one is good enough to share with the world.


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  • Steve Schuler

    That’s actually pretty good if you ask me!  Most of the time audio from bootlegs is terrible, but I guess it helped that their volume wasn’t outrageous and it was outdoors.  And I love how you can see the rain pouring down…

    • Yeah, I’m too critical of my own work. 🙂 I just feel like I could have done a much better job. At the very least I could have manually focused instead of relying on autofocus. But I guess given the weather conditions and the fact that it’s hard to hold a DSLR above your head for very long it’s as good as could be expected. I’ll take a second look at the other videos I have and see if I want to post any of them. The videos I took with my Android phone will likely not see the light of day, however.