Biden Calls Republicans Party Of ‘Privilege’, Priebus Offers Bombastic Rebuttal

Pure Joe - photo by Andrew Phelps

Earlier today Vice President Joe Biden said of Republicans, “We’re about promoting the private sector. They’re about protecting the privileged sector.” These remarks came during a speech Biden gave to United Auto Workers in Ohio. Biden is absolutely right to call Republicans the party of ‘privilege’. He’s also right to say Democrats and the Obama administration are about ‘promoting the private sector’. It used to be that Republicans were about the private sector and Democrats were about the people and how government can help level the playing field. Now we have two parties that cater to private interests only one of them caters to very narrow, and very wealthy interests.

In a statement To Yahoo News, Republican National Committee Chairman (and runner-up to Foster Friess in the annual Republican funny name contest) Reince Priebus said, “A campaign speech and Hollywood movie from the Obama campaign won’t change the fact that family budgets in Ohio and across the country are being stretched by everything from food prices to soaring prices at the pump.” He continued, “Voters have a clear choice this November, continue down Barack Obama’s path of broken promises and failed policies, or change direction with new leadership committed to reversing the Obama agenda that has Americans worse off than they were four years ago.” That last part is classic conservative bubble material. Depending on which measure you use, it might be possible to say that Priebus isn’t lying but it completely ignores the entire picture. Leave it to a Republican to discard nuance in favor of something a bit easier for the base to wrap their heads around.

Hey Priebus, which direction was the economy heading in when Obama took office? Which way is it heading now?

A big hole was dug, most of which happened during Bush’s last 6 months. After Obama was in office for only a few months things began to turn around. For the purposes of this article I’m not attempting to make a case for the how and the why, I’m only pointing out that it’s disingenuous at best to say Obama’s policies have made the economy worse. It’s bullshit and Priebus knows it, but he hopes voters are too stupid, too ignorant or both.

After seeing Alexandra Pelosi’s latest segment on Real Time with Bill Maher, I think Priebus might be on to something.


photo by Andrew Phelps


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