Atheists Might Reach Majority Over Christians In England In 20 Years

Losing My Religion - photo by Cayusa

This is likely to put a scare in the religious right in this country, possibly causing even more nonsense like the recent birth control “debate”, as well as giving them more ammunition when they point to social change across the pond.

According to the study “Religion in Great Britain” by British Parliament, Christians have declined by 8 percent since 2004 while nonbelievers have increased by 49% over the same period. Christians now stand at 41 million compared to nonbelievers at 13.4 million. The study concludes, “If these populations continue to shrink and grow by the same number of people each year, the number of people with no religion will overtake the number of Christians in Great Britain in 20 years.”

As a First Amendment wonk, I see no problem with this trend if it found its way to this country, and actually it has. For more information on that, in 2009 USA Today published an interesting interactive chart on religion in America from 1990 to 2008.


photo by Cayusa

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