GOP Primary: Mitt Romney Wins Arizona, Michigan

Mitt Romney - photo by Dave Lawrence

Mitt Romney racked up two Republican primary victories Tuesday night, holding on to win his “home” state of Michigan along with an easy win in Arizona.

Exit polls in Michigan showed Romney, a Mormon, had better support from Catholics than did Rick Santorum, a Catholic. It’s possible that Santorum’s extreme remarks about John F. Kennedy and separation of church and state over the weekend might have cost him support among Catholic voters and a possible victory in Michigan.

As of 10:30pm with 75% of the vote counted, Romney leads Santorum 41% to 37% in Michigan. In Arizona, with 57% counted, Romney leads Santorum 49% to 25%. In both cases Romney is the projected winner.  The other candidates are hardly worth mentioning. Romney wins all 29 delegates in Arizona. Michigan’s delegates are divided among the candidates and the final delegate counts won’t be known until all the vote is in.


photo by Dave Lawrence

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