Obama Lampoons The Republican ‘Cheap Gas’ Mantra Of Drill, Baby, Drill

Oil Wells - photo by Tommaso Galli

While speaking to University of Miami students, President Obama said “when gas prices go up, it hurts everybody” and made it clear there was little he could do to change that trend. This isn’t what people want to hear but reality doesn’t heed to opinions and political nonsense. We can leave the lies to Republicans like Newt Gingrich. After all, it would be a futile effort to defeat them at their own game.

While acknowledging rising gas prices, Obama couldn’t resist lampooning Republicans by saying they have a 3-point plan for cheap gas. “Step one is to drill, and step two is to drill, and step three is to keep drilling.”, said the President.

To his critics, Obama offered, “Anybody who tells you we can drill our way out of this problem doesn’t know what they’re talking about”, adding, “or just isn’t telling you the truth”.

Yes, there is more oil in the ground, but all the cheap and easy to find oil has already been found. From here forward it get increasingly more difficult and much more expensive. Along with demand, that translates to higher oil and gasoline prices. What we need is an energy plan that looks beyond oil, to a day when oil is not the dominant source of energy. We are already late to this game. We cannot allow Republicans to keep delaying the inevitable.


photo by Tommaso Galli via Flickr


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