Please Indulge Me

So far my blog has been about writing articles in long form. I was never that concerned about how frequently I wrote an article. Instead I chose to write, when the writing muse struck, about things which interest me. I’m still going to write long form articles for that same reason but I’m now also going to experiment with writing much shorter notes, almost in a fashion similar to the 140 character limit on Twitter. Where it will defer from Twitter is that I’m not going to impose any kind of character limit. The intention of this experiment is to essentially write one or two sentences or a paragraph of a prevailing thought I have at any given moment. This could be after having a conversation with someone at work or while watching a TV show or listening to a song.

Our minds are always busy with thoughts no matter what we are doing. Some thoughts and ideas are better than others. When I have a thought or idea that makes a lot of sense to me or strikes me in some way, instead of jotting it down on Evernote (as I do now), I plan to jot it down here as a blog post. I don’t intend to get personal with the thoughts and ideas I post here. The topics which likely will be covered will not differ much from the content you already can read on this blog. The main difference is that it will be short and to the point and much more stream of consciousness.

This is the plan as of right now. As I said, it’s an experiment. It might take some time for me to adjust to blogging in this fashion. So, please indulge me for a short while.

To kick off the new Indiscriminate Ruminations I have given the website a fresh coat of paint. The new look is clean and more professional and I think it will work much better with the new direction for this blog. I hope you agree.

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