New York Times/CBS Poll: Clear Support For Birth Control Coverage

The Pill - photo by Sarah C

The latest New York Times/CBS poll shows clear public support for birth control coverage on insurance plans.

On contraceptive coverage, 65 percent of voters in the poll said they supported the Obama administration’s requirement that health insurance plans cover the cost of birth control, and 59 percent, said the health insurance plans of religiously affiliated employers should cover the cost of birth control.

Given the media coverage of outraged Republicans over the past week you could be forgiven for believing public support was not with Obama on this issue. Well, forgiven if prior to this past week you had been living in a vacuum void of media coverage. Because this is just the latest in a long series of issues that Republicans are on the wrong side of.

The poll also revealed strong support by Catholic voters for the legal recognition of the relationships of gay couples.

44 percent favored marriage, and 25 percent preferred civil unions. Twenty-four percent said gay couples should receive no legal recognition.

Even members of a major religion are more progressive than the average Republican.

As society moves forward, Republicans stay in the past.


photo by Sarah C via Flickr

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  • Steve Schuler

    Sadly, it’s not just Republicans that stay in the past, but the entire country, as our President “compromises” yet again on even this no-brainer issue. It makes one wonder what issue he WOULD take a stand on.

  • Steve Schuler

    Sure, he’s made accomplishments. I don’t think anyone disputes that. The problem people have is that his accomplishments could’ve been so much greater. Getting something done is better than nothing, but it’s not as good as what could’ve been done in many of these issues. This birth control one is a prime example of needless compromise. I’m all for compromise when it makes sense, but I don’t see how this made sense. I think we need to caution Democrats to not encourage Obama to simply be the liberal version of GWBush, in that he just decides to do something and then does it, reason-be-damned, but I think there’s a middle ground between compromise on everything and compromise on nothing. This is where he needs to go.

  • Well, there are people who dispute that actually. I think in some cases the accomplishments might have had a chance at being better but as my other article states, he has gotten a lot accomplished given the amount of obstructionism from Republicans. When people point that out, some say, “but Democrats controlled congress in his first two years”. To that I say, “but did liberals control congress?” 🙂 Don’t confuse a Democrat for a liberal. I think in most cases Obama accomplished what he could accomplish given the circumstances, even if I would have liked things to be done differntly, like health care reform. It should have been more about fixing the problem the right way instead of being a reasonably politically safe patchwork. And even that reasonably politically safe health care reform law continues to cause a shit storm on the Right and even in the “mainstream” media. Had health care reform more closely resembled what I would have wanted it wouldn’t have passed.