51% Say Middle Class Suffering Most From Economic Slowdown

closed - photo by Charley Lhasa

Just because you can ask a question doesn’t mean it’s a valid question.

In a United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll, 1000 adults were asked which class “is suffering the most” during the economic slowdown.

Suffering The Most During The Economic Slowdown

  • Middle Class – 51%
  • Poor – 45%
  • Wealthy – 1%

Even if you could come up with reasonable metrics to measure the pain in each class and the results showed that the middle class was disproportionately affected by the economic downturn – which is hard to believe anyway – it still wouldn’t mean the middle class was suffering most. How can anybody say the middle class is suffering more than the poor? It doesn’t make any sense.  If that’s the case, then why are they called the poor? If the poor somehow have it better, wouldn’t they stop being the poor? As long as the poor have less income, less wealth, less opportunity they will ALWAYS suffer the most, good economy or bad economy.

So it turns out this is a bullshit question. The results of the question are meaningless because the question itself doesn’t make sense.


photo by Charley Lhasa via Flickr


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