Sean Hannity Claims Obama Did Not Want To Get Bin Laden


Fox News – “We Concoct, You Decide”

Sean Hannity claims Obama would not have gotten Osama bin Laden if he had his way. Hannity says there is “tape” that proves it.

I know the president will say, ‘Well, we got bin Laden.’

The public does give him credit for that. But it wouldn’t have happened if he had his way, and I think that can be proved as well on tape.

So let me get this straight, Bush said he didn’t think that much about bin Laden. Obama approves the mission that kills bin Laden. End result? Many on the Right give more credit to Bush than Obama and now Sean Hannity concocts a lie that Obama wouldn’t have gotten bin Laden if only he had gotten his way. Sean, he’s the F’n President of the United States. How exactly was he overruled?

But I expect nothing less from the puppets on Fox News.


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