Did Chrysler, Clint Eastwood Super Bowl Ad Win Obama 2nd Term?

OK, that might be just a bit over-the-top, but the Chrysler Super Bowl ad “It’s Halftime In America” narrated by Clint Eastwood certainly resembled a superbly crafted political ad.

I don’t believe it was intended as a political ad of course, but after seeing the ad it felt like a huge endorsement of President Obama. If it wasn’t for the government bailout of Chrysler there wouldn’t even be a Chrysler Super Bowl ad to talk about in the first place.

What do you think?

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Human Interest

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  • ElliotB

    It certainly got me ready for the second term… um, I mean… second half,

  • Kevin Johnson

    Probably one of the best “non-political” political endorsement commercials ever crafted. Even the halftime metaphor points to a second term for the President. Not only is it well-written, but Clint Eastwood? He nails the locker room pep talk and casts the vision for the second half…This seems to be a subtle, yet well-deserved “thank you” to President Obama for believing in Detroit, when the “others’ wanted Detroit to “go bankrupt.” No leadership is perfect, but when I look at the big picture… The jobs are coming back ( http://my.democrats.org/Jobs-Chart ), consumer confidence is improving, the stock market is strengthening, and the Motor City is kickin butt like never before…

    It’s easy to be a cynic, a critic and a pundit…much harder to take risks, make tough choices and believe in something you can’t clearly see. Leaders aren’t perfect, but leaders lead.

  • Kevin, I couldn’t agree more. Great presidents have been willing to do what they knew was right even if it was unpopular.

  • Chris Alan

    Definitely an endorsement for Obama, and rightly so! I found this hilarious video this morning showing what things would have looked like if Mitt had his way four years ago. I think it puts the Clint video in perspective. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBgYqCsd_uw&feature=colike

  • Thanks Chris! Added it to Left Call TV. That’s the same guy that did the Rick Perry “Strong” ad spoof. 🙂