The Donald Endorses Mitt Romney For President

The Donald - photo by Kelly Bailey

Today Donald Trump announced his endorsement of Mitt Romney for president. “It’s my honor, real honor, to endorse Mitt Romney”, said Trump. So I guess this means Trump won’t run for president as an independent after all. Too bad. Can you sense the anguish in my words?

Normally this wouldn’t be a story at all in my opinion. I don’t care who Donald Trump endorses and I certainly don’t understand why he has gotten so much political attention. Trump hasn’t met a camera he didn’t like. Oh, and did I mention he is rich and has a TV show? I guess that is qualification enough.

The only reason I’m mentioning this ‘story’ is to point out the timing and the message it sends: Mitt Romney is a wealthy elite who is out of touch with the average American. Just one day after saying he is “not concerned about the really poor” and less than two weeks after we find out his effective tax rate for 2010 was only 13.9%, Romney decides it’s a good idea to accept the endorsement of another wealthy elite.

I cannot see how this helps Romney win over any undecided voters or win over the extreme right-wing Republican base. But why stop there? I cannot see how this helps Romney at all.


photo by Kelly Bailey via Flickr

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