Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC Raises Over $1 Million

Stephen Colbert - photo by DonkeyHotey

The Colbert Super PAC reported to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) this morning that it has raised $1,023,121.24.

The cover letter of the filing reads:

Dear Sirs and Sirettes,

Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow (ABTT) would like it entered into the record that as of January 30th, 2012, the sum total of our donations was $1,023,121.24.

Stephen Colbert, President of ABTT, has asked that I quote him as saying, ”Yeah! How you like me now, F.E.C? I’m rolling seven digits deep! I got 99 problems but a non-connected independent-expenditure only committee ain’t one!”

I would like it noted for the record that I advised Mr. Colbert against including that quote. Sincerely, Shauna Polk Treasurer Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Inc.

A notable contributor listed in the FEC filing is Gavin Newsom – Lt. Governor of California, who contributed $500 – confirmed by the New York Times. Other notable, but unconfirmed, contributors are actors Bradley Whitford ($250) and Laura San Giacomo ($250).

On the Colbert Super PAC website, under the title “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, IF NOT SOONER” Colbert explains, “We raised it on my show and used it to materially influence the elections – in full accordance with the law. It’s the way our founding fathers would have wanted it, if they had founded corporations instead of just a country.”

The Colbert Super PAC is officially known as “Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow” but has also been called “The Definitely Not Coordinating With Stephen Colbert Super PAC”.


photo by DonkeyHotey via Flickr

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  • Steve Schuler

    HA! I love it! Nice Jay-Z reference!

  • I knew that must be a reference to something! Thanks for filling in the blanks! 🙂