The State of the Union CBS News Poll That Wasn’t

One Eye to Rule Them - photo by Seth Anderson

I felt like I was living in Bizarro World when I tweeted the following last night…

All over the blogosphere last night people were citing a CBS News Poll that rated the approval (91%) and disapproval (9%) of Obama’s State of the Union speech. There was just one problem, the poll was conducted after the 2011 State of the Union. As Rick Perry would say, ‘oops’. Turns out I wasn’t going crazy and I wasn’t in Bizarro World after all.

Some examples: The Raw Story, The Drudge Retort, The Grio

In addition to Twitter and the blogosphere, all three primetime MSNBC shows – The Ed Show, The Rachel Maddow Show, The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell – got this wrong last night. I don’t know if the other shows corrected the record but Rachel, as is expected, corrected her mistake during tonight’s TRMS.


photo by Seth Anderson via Flickr

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  • Steve Schuler

    WTF?!? That’s an EASY thing to catch – how did nobody notice this whose job it is to get at least BASIC facts correct? (I can understand if it required lots of digging or investigation.) I’m particularly surprised by Maddow missing it, since I got the impression that she actually cared about fact checking, and giving her own take on something, rather than just regurgitating what other shows are doing, so that’s kind of depressing. Kudos to her for correcting it later, but I’m still bummed to hear something so obvious would get past them in the first place.

    What is going on with the media these days?? I’m glad to see you’re pointing it out and not afraid to call out people on the left being stupid as well as people on the right!

  • I agree, it was easy to catch. It was the lead segment on The Ed Show and so I decided to search for the poll because hey, maybe I’ll write about it on my website. 🙂 When I found the poll the date was, in my opinion, fairly obvious. Not only that, eveh if you somehow forgot it was 2012 (which happens, I know) the time stamp was still in the future.

    I agree about being bummed regarding the MSNBC shows, particularly Maddow. While she did correct the record last night, I wasn’t completely enthusiastic in the way that she corrected it. She said something to the affect of “it wasn’t obvious” with regard to the date of the article. I agree that it’s not as obvious as on some sites but it was still RIGHT THERE.

    That doesn’t mean I couldn’t possibly make the same mistake. I understand people make mistakes but it was apparent that everyone played follow the leader with this story and it makes me wonder how often that happens. It makes me wonder how often other things have been inaccurate and I never knew because I didn’t google it.

    As for pointing it out, I felt maybe I was self-promoting a bit by citing my tweets but I did that because it showed that it was easy to get this right. As soon as I heard about it I was able to correct it. Yet an hour later Rachel still got it wrong and an hour after that Lawrence still got it wrong.

    And yeah, I have no problem calling out false informtion regardless of where it comes from. This site might be called The “Left” Call but my greater goal rather than liberal commentary is accuracy of information.

    So, to anybody reading this, please don’t hestitate to point out things you believe are inaccurate on this site.

  • Steve Schuler

    Gotta love the internet – it’s the great equalizer. Now we don’t need to take someone’s word for it – virtually anything you want to know is a few seconds of clicking & typing away. I wonder when “journalists” will wake up to this new reality and realize that, far from being able to be lazy and rely on stories they’re seeing elsewhere, they now have to be more vigilant than ever to verify things are true, before a blogger embarrasses them! 😉
    Thanks for breaking that news! These are the kinds of stories that keep people reading independent blogs, rather than just accepting what people on TV tell them to think. 🙂