South Carolina Primary: Will Gingrich Pull Off The Upset?

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Over the past week, two more Republican presidential contenders dropped out of the race. First it was Jon “Mr. Reasonable” Huntsman, who announced he was suspending his campaign this past Monday, the day of the first South Carolina Republican debate. During the announcement Huntsman endorsed Mitt Romney for president.

Next up was Rick “I’m Not As Smart As W” Perry, who announced he was suspending his campaign this past Thursday, the day of the second South Carolina Republican debate. Perry endorsed Newt Gingrich.

Why can’t these candidates announce that they are “ending” their campaigns instead of “suspending”? It shows you the scripted nature of presidential campaigns that even the word used to announce the end of a presidential bid is specifically and carefully chosen.

The Republican field is now down to four and after two solid debate performances – for a Republican audience that is – Newt Gingrich has moved ahead of Mitt Romney with the most recent Public Policy Polling (PPP) numbers showing Gingrich ahead by 9. Gingrich has also started ticking upward in the national polls as well.

Today is the day of the South Carolina Primary. If the poll numbers hold, Gingrich will win South Carolina and that will mean a different winner for each of the first three events of the primary season — as it was announced Santorum was actually the winner of the Iowa Caucus after the certified numbers were released.

Only a week ago it looked like Romney had the nomination wrapped up but it appears this race will drag on a bit further. I still think it’s Romney’s race to lose, however. Many Republicans may not like Romney but he has been the clear front-runner since the Republican campaign season started over a year ago.


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