Obama Bypasses Congress, Appoints Richard Cordray

Richard Cordray - photo by ProgressOhio

After months of opposition by Republicans in congress, President Obama will use his executive powers to appoint Richard Cordray to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Republicans had been blocking Cordray’s confirmation because they wanted changes made to the way the new agency operates. Cordray is a former Attorney General of Ohio and part-time Jack McBrayer impersonator. OK, I made up that last part. Recess appointments are nothing new for presidents but it is nice to see Obama make a bold and defiant move against obstructionist Republicans every once in a while.

It is almost certain there will be inflamed rhetoric from Republicans and Fox News pundits which will be thoroughly satisfying to many on the left.

President Obama will announce the recess appointment later today in Ohio.


photo by ProgressOhio via Flickr


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