Letter to an Anonymous Internet Commenter

Anonymous - photo by Matt Westervelt

Dear Anonymous Commenter,

I appreciate that you took the time to leave your indelible mark on the internet for all to see for all of time. There is no better way to make your obviously well-researched opinions known to the world than to colorfully and inarticulately share them – anonymously of course – on internet message forums and article comments. I value your opinion on such diverse topics as Obama’s birthplace or the MILF status of famous Hollywood actresses. I look forward to a collective consciousness raising each time I discover whether you could “hit it” or “tap that ass”. My day would be incomplete without a dose of your rage and hate towards other anonymous internet commenters and I would consider it an honor to become the latest target of your verbal vitriol. So please keep up the good work! You have made the world a better place full of insightful discourse with the words you have so beautifully scribed.

Yours Truly
David K. Sutton


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