Enraged Trump Followers Subvert GOP, Country

On Tuesday, Donald Trump won the Indiana GOP primary, and with that, his quest to conquer the Republican Party is complete. That’s because Ted Cruz bowed out of the presidential contest last night, and today John Kasich also dropped out. That leaves Donald Trump, the bigoted, hateful, misogynist, loudmouth, xenophobic symbol of American white supremacists, as the presumptive nominee of the Grand Old Party.

But should this really come as a surprise? Okay, so all along we kept saying Trump was a fad, or that he couldn’t crack 30% support, then 40%, then 50%, etc. But is the nomination of an old white nationalist by the Republican Party really a shock? Because we should have seen it all along, that this was a plausible scenario given seven years of intense and passionate hostility directed at our first black president, Barack Obama.

After weeding out a field of seventeen candidates, the Republican Party has chosen the candidate they feel is best suited to be our next president. He is a man who has no problem vilifying women, Muslims, immigrants, or just about anyone else who comes to mind. He is a man who had no problem perpetuating the ridiculous conspiracy that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States. He is a reality TV star and known pathological liar. His name will be on your ballot this November, as the Republican Party candidate for President of the United States. His name is Donald J. Trump.

Or, as Chris Hayes put it this evening on All In, “In just a few weeks, sometime after being formally nominated at the convention, Donald Trump will start receiving classified intelligence briefings. — Let that sink in for a moment.”

But none of this matters to the enraged racist assholes among us. They see Trump’s character shortfall and lack of judgment as a feature, not a bug. Because a changing America has them incensed. The country no longer kowtows to their pleasure. That is what draws their ire. That is what incites them. That is why they want their country back. They want a country where people know the “proper” social order where subservience is to the will of old white men. Men like Donald Trump.

By supporting Donald Trump, the haters have given us notice. They want to “make America great again,” but they also have the wrecking ball greased up and waiting in the alley. They are raising their middle fingers, saluting with a collective “fuck you” to the rest of the country, and they will dismantle this country, piece by piece if they have to, before they ever bow to inclusiveness. They’d rather sink this ship than lose another equality battle in the courts. They will elect a man with no presidential qualifications and with clear narcissistic tendencies, to take control of the nuclear football, and they will do this to send a message to all standing within range. They are holding a grenade, and they are not afraid to pull the pin.

Donald Trump supporters are the Martin Riggs of the modern American election process. As Roger Murtaugh said in Lethal Weapon, “You’re not trying to draw a psycho pension — you really are crazy!” Because with them its not an act. They aren’t trying to elect Donald Trump to fix a broken system, and they don’t really care if he believes what he says. Electing Donald Trump means the destruction of a system they despise, because they really are crazy.

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