Why Do Conservatives Call It The ‘Democrat’ Party?

Ever notice conservatives insist on “Democrat Party” over “Democratic Party”? There’s just something disparaging about the way it sounds, and I think I’ve figured out why.

Aside from the fact that they sound like simpletons when they say it, there’s a couple reasons conservatives call it the “Democrat” Party. The most obvious reason is to disassociate their opponents from the word “democratic.” But I also think there’s another reason, and it relates to the phonetic connection “Democrat” has to another word.

A long time ago in a dark smoky room, no doubt there was a cabal of crack conservative think-tankers  who “focus grouped” the shit out of “Democrat” Party. With the whole sordid affair consigned to the ash heap of history, countless Republican pundits chant “Democrat Party” ad nauseam with so-called neutral talk show hosts often following suit.

So, what is the other word?


I mean come on, is this really a coincidence? Bureaucrat can mean many things, but in the most widely used context (especially by conservatives), it means someone who enforces process at the expense of people’s needs. Conservatives are forever lambasting “big government,” which is just another way of saying “bureaucracy,” and in its most denigrating form. I bet conservatives danced a jig when they realized they could call their mortal enemies “bureaucrats” without mentioning the word, all while feigning ignorance.

Somewhere Frank Luntz is feeling nostalgic.


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