Mitch McConnell’s Supreme Court Ruse (Hint: It’s Not About ‘The People’)

Can we get real for a minute (or two)?

You may not want to see confirmation of any Obama pick for the Supreme Court. Fine. And of course that makes it easy for you to agree with Mitch McConnell. Okay.

But, understand this.

If our elected officials are doing their job, they allow a vote. Otherwise, it’s really just one person, Mitch McConnell, who is making this decision. Like I said, you, and maybe plenty of Republicans, might agree with McConnell, but if you believe in the process, you allow a vote.

But, here’s where we get to the truth.

The real reason McConnell (and maybe you) don’t want a vote, is that it may turn out some Republicans would vote to confirm Judge Merrick Garland. Since you don’t want to see that (even before you knew who the nominee was), it means you don’t want to see the democratic process play out.

So, just understand this.

When we get beyond the ruse, that this about “the people” choosing the next justice, it’s really about obstructing the person (Obama) who the people chose in the last election. And he is still the president, and nominating a justice is still his constitutional duty. Yes, the constitution says “with the Advice and Consent of the Senate,” but that means the entire Senate, not just one man (Mitch McConnell).

You are now free to continue believing your own artifice, just know the rest of us will not be participating.

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