Bernie Sanders Has Already Won

Even if he doesn’t get the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders has already won. Oh sure, his ideas have been dismissed by the mainstream media as too radical, or too idealistic. The pushback against the Sanders campaign is a feature, not a bug, of the status quo. People who are perfectly happy about the way things are going in America are not interested in entertaining proposals like Medicare for all, or free public college. Neither of these ideas are extreme when put into the context of the liberal democratic experiment we call America. But, several decades of relentless establishment droning has caused us to forget the liberal foundation of this great country.

That’s where the Sanders campaign has captured the minds of young people. Even in conservative red states, Sanders is attracting 6,000 and 7,000 supporters at rallies, usually with another few thousand outside the venue. In more friendly blue states, Sanders has filled up 10,000 even 15,000 seat venues. A 74-year-old democratic-socialist in 2016 in the United States of America is filling arenas with Americans who will be running the country in the coming decades. So, it is for that reason that Sanders has already won, even if he doesn’t become the next president, and even if he doesn’t win the Democratic nomination.

And it’s about damn time.

Because there is nothing Bernie Sanders is saying that is foreign to this country. Sanders calls himself a democratic-socialist, but he’s really an FDR Democrat. And hell, you only have to go back half a century or so when this country was chock-full of FDR Democrats. Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “New Deal” is largely responsible for turning the tide after the Great Depression, ultimately building the largest middle class society in history. But, somewhere after Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” and before Ronald Reagan’s “Morning In America,” we lost our way. Too many people bought into right-wing nonsense, demonizing minorities for our problems, when our problems were actually created by the largest transfer of wealth in human history from the poor and middle class to the top one percent. And we allowed it to happen. Shit, we still allow it to happen if we think nominating an incrementalist candidate is going to fix our problems.

Bernie Sanders is the Occupy Wall Street candidate who happened to arrive on the scene about four years too late. If a Democrat had not already occupied the White House, Sanders might just have run in 2012 on the heals of the Occupy movement, and then, well, who knows. But, the impact Sanders has had on the young American electorate in 2016 cannot be dismissed. That is why I say Bernie Sanders has already won.

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  • Eternal November

    This is bullshit. Every single article about this is bullshit. If we lose then we lost. We did not win. Rallies in presidential years are not winning. Winning is winning. If Sanders loses the corporate republican lite democrats like Hillary will rule the party for 8 long years and we will likely get another Republican after that. I can’t decide if the people writing these articles are some sort of corporate dem trick or if they are just complete and utter idiots. Either way they are absolute fucking nonsense.

    • Clearly I’d like to see Bernie Sanders win the nomination and then go on to win the presidency. I will continue to support Sanders until that happens. And if it doesn’t, then I stand by what I said in this article. You simply cannot dismiss the enthusiasm from young liberals. I’d love to see the Bernie revolution, but if that’s not in the cards, I’ll take shaping young minds who will be our future leaders. I’m not giving up, I’m simply stating that win or lose, we need more people like Bernie Sanders fighting the good fight. And that’s why we have to see his candidacy, and the enthusiasm behind it as a win.

      • Robbi

        The entire article is garbage. Trump is an idiot but Bernie couldn’t get a thing done. He is far too lost in the dark. Examine his past. He’s funneled money to friends and relatives. The only people voting for him are the people who haven’t the wit to examine his past.

        • So, why not offer us proof? Offer us a few links.

          • Robbi

            I’m glad you asked actually. First of all, it’s typical of of a Bernie support to request proof that he HASN’T done something positive or inspiring, so that you don’t have to prove that he has. Let me enlighten you. I think you go and find your own information about people like Bernie and Hillary and Donald and you don’t simply accept that someone who promotes a socialist concept that has NEVER.. repeat never once actually panned out in the real world. Bernie is lost in the sixties.. He has no vision, he has no great ideas.. he’s a child of the protests of the sixties and if you listen to him, the reality is that he’s pushing those old tired ideas that he picked up back then. He’s an old man with a lost in the past mentality.. and he doesn’t even practice what he preaches

            Bernie Sanders Used Campaign Donations to Pay Family Members Over $150,000

            Bernie Sanders demands ‘living wage’ but pays his own interns $12 an hour

            Vanity Fair–Bernie Sanders Accused of Using Campaign Money to Benefit Family

            Sanders and Wife Steered Campaign, Nonprofit Money to Family and Friends Public records show pattern of payments to Democratic presidential candidate’s inner circle

            Oh and lest we forget the wife… She reportedly overstated pledged contributions to the school in order to secure a loan from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington. The diocese lost between $1.5 million and $2 million on the deal, according to local reports.


            So let’s see.. they’ve collectively funneled money to family, to friends, ripped off a college and cost a church a million plus.. and this is just in the past few years… That’s good work for as socialist who is going to take care of you all.

          • I’ll start this off by saying I have no need to defend anything by default. I’m not a blind follower of anyone. As for Bernie being my “hero” and “savior,” I’d suggest you read anything I’ve written about him, then tell me why you think that is so. That idea came from your brain, not mine. I don’t look at anyone that way. Even people who I might have considered to be great progressive leaders in the past were fallible human beings. I don’t want or need a savior.

            On the first link, I honestly don’t understand what the problem is supposed to be. It’s not an issue of “big money,” which is ridiculous, because campaigns receive donations. It’s not like Sanders is saying get rid of donations when he says get rid of big money. These two things are being conflated here. Yes, he raises money for a campaign. Yes, there are people who work for the campaign. Yes, campaigns cost money and they advertise. If someone wants to make an argument that no family member should work for a campaign, that’s their prerogative, but that’s not really the argument put forth here. I see no issue with this if the family members did actually work for the campaign.

            The second link is even more ridiculous. The key here is they are “interns.” That is an important distinction. Sometimes internships don’t pay at all! I’m not saying I think that should be the case, but the point of an internship is education. There is no expectation that you would make a living wage from an internship. You are learning a job/skill with practical experience. The trade-off here is that the income you make (if you make any) is going to be lower because you are essentially getting free education. Now, it’s possible that an internship arrangement could be abused by an employer, but that’s a different argument that this article isn’t trying to make.

            On the third and fourth links, you have something that is definitely provocative. At this point it is unclear to me what the “crime” is. This is the typical family/friend connections that always get exposed whenever someone starts digging into a candidate’s past. That assumes I accept the reporting at face value, which for the purpose of my response, I will. Sure, people help out friends and family, we all do it. But, the question is whether there is illegality here. From what I’ve read so far, I don’t see it. But sure, you can argue that even if nothing is illegal, it wreaks of nepotism. But, on a pretty damn small scale compared to what we are used to in Washington D.C. I guess you could see that as a low bar. But, I have no illusions about Sanders somehow being above the fray. Unfortunately when it comes time to pick a candidate to support, you are picking among a group of elite people who will have something (usually many things) dug up, casting a negative shadow on all of them. What then?

            On the last link, I’d say this is the potentially most damaging of what you’ve provided…if it had been Bernie rather than his wife. No crime here, but certainly a case of too ambitious a plan that caused both the church and the college to receive a huge financial haircut. So, I suggest we don’t appoint Jane Sanders as Secretary of the Treasury.

            A “socialist who is going to take care of you all”? Who is “you all” in this analysis? I support ideas like true universal health care, but I don’t support Bernie because I perceive that he will take care of me. Actually, I support Bernie because of how he could help people less fortunate then I have been. My support for Bernie is not because of something I believe he is going to do for me. And I’m completely realistic about the chances of his ideas actually passing congress. Nearly zero. But, I think it would be healthy for this country to offer up the bully pulpit to social liberal ideals for once.

            “Never challenge someone who researches for a living”? As if you just had a “mic drop” moment? I know you will believe I’ve been soft on Bernie, and you certainly will still believe what you want to believe about me after reading this. As hard as it might be to believe, I have no problem with this. Keep on believing my brother.

          • Robbi

            The reality is that you didn’t address the fact that the man who you believe is going to do great thngs.. is in fact simply talking the talk.. what makes him a winner? We’ve had years of republicans AND democrats doing that..he’s just a different guy with a different tie.