Sanders: Nobody Has Asked For My Birth Certificate

During tonight’s Democratic town hall on CNN, Bernie Sanders connected Republican obstructionism during Obama’s seven years in office to the birther movement led by Donald Trump. “What you are seeing today in this Supreme Court situation, is nothing more than the continuous and unprecedented obstructionism that President Obama has gone through,” said Sanders. “And this is on top of this birther issue — which we heard from Donald Trump and others — a racist effort to try to delegitimize the President of the United States.”

Of course, some eyebrows were raised with Sander’s remarks, but he is spot on. You know President Obama himself cannot call-out the racist nonsense he has faced throughout his presidency, but you can be damn sure that the rest of us (and Bernie too) can call it out. I have no doubt any Democratic president, white or black, would have faced a GOP blockade in this political climate, but this president, our first black president, has faced a level of gridlock coupled with “you lie” disrespect that no question has its roots in lingering racial prejudice. Apparently it’s fairly easy for far too many Republicans in congress to exhibit a laughable level of ridiculous political opposition when the person they are opposing is viewed (at least by their constituents) as the “other.”

“You know, it’s a funny thing on that issue,” said Sanders. “My Dad, as I mentioned, came from Poland. I’m running for president. Guess what? Nobody has asked for my birth certificate. Maybe it’s the color of my skin.”

This point never seems to sink in with the people it needs to. How do we know anybody is really a U.S. citizen and qualified to be president? Why is it that all the white candidates through our history did not face the scrutiny Barack Obama faced? And moreover, why did Obama continue to face this scrutiny over his citizenship and eligibility once he became president?

Yeah, its silly to suggest racism.

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