9/11: Trump’s Truth, What Republicans Don’t Speak Of

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says whatever is on his mind without much concern for the truth. Stephen Colbert once joked about politicians who speak from the gut on things they “feel” are right, calling it “truthiness.” But, I can think of a lot of other words to describe Donald Trump. Feckless, wretchedness, aggressiveness, righteousness, bitterness, craziness, carelessness, ruthless, reckless.

But, there’s also another word to describe Donald Trump, at least as it relates to 9/11, the Iraq war, and the Bush administration. Witness. But then we were all witnesses, right? We saw George W. Bush lead us into a war on false pretenses. There were no weapons of mass destruction. Even if you believed everything at the time, there’s no denying reality now, well, unless you were in the GOP debate audience this past Saturday. And we were all witness to the events of 9/11, and it was George W. Bush who was president.

But this is the truth Republicans don’t speak of. So, when Donald Trump spoke this truth during a Republican debate, it drew loud boos from the GOP crowd.

But just for once, I wish Republicans would do this thought exercise. If Al Gore had been elected president, and 9/11 played out the same, would they hold Gore blameless? What if Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton were president on September 11, 2001?

Republicans have long given George W. Bush a pass on 9/11, saying he “kept us safe,” but the country hasn’t forgotten who was president that day.

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