5 Wingnut GOP Predictions About Obama That Didn’t Happen

During Obama’s presidency, and especially if he was re-elected, the following 5 things should have happened by now, according wingnut conservatives.

1. $5 gas. Although, some people really went for broke (like Newt Gingrich), and predicted $10 gas.

Gas is around $2 last time I filled up.

2. The Affordable Care Act (Obamcare) was supposed to wreck the economy and cause millions of job losses.

Nope, didn’t happen. Actually, pretty much the opposite happened.

3. Speaking of Obamacare, it was supposed to be doomed on arrival.

Instead, the uninsured rate is now at a 50 year low.

4. The economy was supposed to tank. Mitt Romney said if Obama was re-elected, we were going to see “chronic high unemployment continue for another four years.”

Besides the fact that this was a lie at the time, since unemployment had already been falling for years since Obama took office, the reality is that since Obama was re-elected, the economy continues to add private sector jobs, the longest stretch in recorded history, and the unemployment rate is now below 5%. And this was all done during a time where public sector (government) jobs saw a net loss.

In other words, conservatives got what they wanted, smaller government, but didn’t realize it because of the “Kenyan socialist” in the White House.

5. Obama was supposed to take your guns by now.

That didn’t happen. But instead, after each mass shooting, the gun industry happily takes more of your “fear money” in exchange for something that decidedly will not make you safer.

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