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Occupy Wall Street: It Worked Before—Here’s Why It Won’t Work Now

ACT UP’s 1987 Wall Street protest launched five years of highly successful activism. Why the new movement on the street is so different.

The end-game at Zuccotti Park?

Zuccotti Park, a less-than-one-acre public park in middle of the Financial District, has served as the base camp for the protests (and the real “occupation” site). But Zuccotti Park is owned not by the city, but by Brookfield Properties, the North American real-estate company that owns the adjacent office building, One Liberty Plaza. This complicates the city’s latitude in responding to the occupation.

The Way We Were c.1995

Actually, I first started communicating on the Internet back in the late 1980s, and when I started Network Computing magazine in the summer of 1990 I was determined for all of our writers to have Internet email addresses. Back then there weren’t any dot coms other than the research organizations that built the Internet and some universities. We were fortunate to work with a computing team at UCLA (which is where one of the first Internet nodes was established, BTW) and they had an email gateway so each of our editors could get Internet emails, along with Compuserve and MCIMail too. Those gateways were extremely buggy: someone sent an attachment that was 350 kB or so, and that clogged things up on the gateway until we could delete the message. Good times.

Feds Shut Down Marijuana Shops

Four U.S. attorneys sent letters to 16 shops, warning of the crackdown and declaring that federal law “takes precedence over state law.”

Remove The Special Offers From Your New Kindle

The remove process isn’t complicated or hidden. On your Amazon account page, navigate to the “Manage Your Kindle”, click “Manage Your Devices” and then selection the option to unsubscribe from Special Offers. From there, you’ll be charged $30 to remove the honestly unobtrusive ads.

Watch the Recording Industry Demise in 30 Seconds

There’s been no shortage of hand-wringing about threats to the music industry, whether from technology or piracy. But hearing reports of dismal album sales is one thing; seeing the tidal shift in a 30-second gif is quite another.

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