Mike Huckabee Announces 2016 Presidential Bid

On Tuesday, Mike Huckabee announced he is running for president for a second time. During a campaign launch speech in Hope, Arkansas, Huckabee cast himself as outside the Washington elite establishment, you know, just an average guy with humble roots from a small town.

Of course, his small town upbringing is why someone is supposed to trust Huckabee, and why someone is supposed to vote for Huckabee, because hey, he’s just a regular guy like you and I.

Casting aside the religious dogma for a moment, there’s still a huge problem with the Huckabee humble beginnings bullshit, and that’s because, well, it’s bullshit. Sure, he’s from a small town, but what the hell does that matter now?

This is a guy who was once governor of Arkansas. This is a guy who has previously run for president. This is a guy who had his own God damn talk show on Fox News for crying out loud. This is a guy selling books by appearing on talk shows, including The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. This is not the natural course of the good old boy from next door.

Here’s a good rule of thumb. — If you say you are not an elitist, but you just happen to be running for president, and your presidential bid is reported by the elitist news conglomerates, then yeah, you are an elitist.

Because the non-elite don’t get the air time. In fact, I take it back, this isn’t a rule of thumb, it’s a fact.

And sorry Bernie Sanders, I love what you stand for, I might even vote for you, but this is also true for you as well, so please for the love of God don’t go down this rhetorical road.

And yes, I’m laying on the sarcastically blasphemous God references pretty thick.

Mike Huckabee - photo by Gage Skidmore


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