The Many Inconvenient Truths Shunned By Conservatives

It seems when you point something out that’s uncomfortable for conservatives, let’s call it an “inconvenient truth” (damn you Al Gore), the conservative reaction is to trot out isolated anecdotal evidence in an attempt to refute said inconvenient truth. So, if we are talking about global warming, then of course the conservative reaction is to hype stories about record snowfall, as if the two cannot coexist. If we are talking about police brutality and excessive force, then the conservative reaction is to highlight stories of police compassion and restraint, as if those two qualities shouldn’t always be part of the job description. If we are talking about racism, then conservatives talk about reverse racism, as if that’s a thing, and as if racism isn’t just racism, regardless of which race it is. And if we are talking about government programs for the less fortunate in society, conservatives must highlight the small percentage of people who abuse these programs, as if the people who are deserving should be punished because of the abuses of the undeserving. It’s as if conservatives have a lesson to teach us all, but they forgot to learn the subject themselves.

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