Dick Cheney’s Mind Is Scary?

On Monday’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart said, “Dick Cheney’s mind is the scariest fucking place in the universe.” But is it really? Okay, I know it’s a joke, but the premise is that Dick Cheney dreams up some scary fucking scenarios in that cranium of his, and rightfully so we should all be scared of the mentally and violently unhinged former Vice President. But Dick Cheney is not scary, because Dick Cheney is nothing more than a fearful old white dude, still, 13 years later, invoking 9/11 to justify his fearful old white dude thoughts. Dick Cheney is that special breed of white conservative that is never wrong, in his view that is. He is that type of conservative that will NEVER own up to being wrong about anything. When has Dick Cheney ever said he was wrong about something? I’m pretty sure it’s never happened, and I’d love to be proven wrong. Please post whatever links you can find that would prove me wrong, because, well, I don’t think I am. Yes, I did that intentionally. 🙂


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