Big Government? Small Government? Where’s The Substance?

So I had this thought regarding conservatives and their love of small government, or more specifically (not) their hate of big government. Either way you phrase it, it’s a generality. There’s no substance. They just want to cut taxes and reduce the size of government. They leave the specifics to, well, your imagination I guess. Oh sure, there might be a Senator or a Republican candidate that will call for the abolition of a particular department of government, maybe even forgetting which departments they were against, but that lends support to my point. What is my point? There are a lot of conservatives out there who want smaller government, but they don’t offer much in the way of specifics. And that’s bullshit, and we should call out that bullshit whenever it happens. Nobody is for wasteful spending. Nobody wants bloated government, but you need more than talking points. You need to actually articulate with complete sentence structure the way you would reorganize the federal government, Otherwise, you are simply a parrot for the Republican Party. So, if you are advocating smaller government, tell me, tell the rest of America, exactly what it is you would cut, and why you believe those cuts are beneficial to the nation as a whole. You cannot credibly go around talking about big government as a negative without definitively laying out your strategy for shrinking the federal government in a way that benefits all Americans.


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