Occupy Wall Street: Bad Apples In The Big Apple

Rotten Apple - photo by Aaron Katchen

I want to preface this post by saying I generally give the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the police. They have dangerous and challenging jobs and they deserve our respect for keeping us safe. However, citizens should receive respect as well. Officers that abuse their authority do not deserve the benefit of the doubt when there is damning video evidence.

It appears most of the police forces assigned to the Occupy Wall Street protests have done their jobs well. It also appears most of the protesters have been peaceful. I say most only because I can’t speak for everyone there. I can only go by the articles I’ve read and the videos I’ve seen. What is clear, regardless of context, is that some NYPD officers have escalated certain situations and acted in aggression towards non-threatening people — whether it’s slamming people to the ground, acting aggressively towards those capturing video, or using pepper spray on peaceful female protesters.


There will likely be complaints and possibly lawsuits resulting from the brutality of a select few officers. It is expected that the NYPD will do an internal investigation but severe punishments are unlikely. It is my hope that the public put pressure on the NYPD to police its own and re-assign, suspend or even fire those that cannot perform their duties professionally and respectfully.

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Imagine for a moment what would happen if they insisted on exercising their Second Amendment rights to bear arms, the same rights Rick Perry, the NRA and their allies so tenaciously defend. They’d be taken down to the ground faster than you could say, “Make my day.”

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